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Buddha in Borobudur Temple on Java island
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Seals (Phoca vitulina rest) on sand bank in the Wadden Sea, North Sea, UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Park Wadden Sea, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe
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View from Emmetts Hill looking West over Chapman's Pool on the Isle of Purbeck.
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Pyramids in desert
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Great Aletsch Glacier Jungfrau Alps Switzerland
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cathedral and leaning tower of pisa
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Kalan, Kalyan, Kalon Minaret, Bukhara, Buchara, Silk Road, Unesco World Heritage Site, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Asia
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Florence panorama
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A dramatic stretch of Hadrian's Wall running along the Walltown Craggs.
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Netherlands, Amsterdam, Bridge over Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht
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Church of St. Peter and the ruins of Werner Chapel, Bacharach, UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe
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Iguazu Falls, riverbanks on the Brazilian side, Iguazu River, Brazil, South America
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Florenc cityscape
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Buddha in Borobudur Temple on Java island
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Lantern on the Charles Bridge at dawn, old town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
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Dawn sunrise at Ladram Bay on the Jurassic coast of East Devon.
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Château de Chambord, south facade, at sunset, department of Loire et Cher, Centre region, France, Europe *** IMPORTANT: Exclusive usage, interior decoration, duration May 1, 2015 - May 1, 2025, territory worldwide ***
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Sunrise shines through the arch of Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast.
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The front of the Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo or Piazza dei Miracoli, Square of Miracles, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
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Berliner Dom cathedral, Museumsinsel island, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Festival of Lights 2010, Berlin, Germany, Europe
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Car travelling on the road through the Þingvellir or Thingvellir National Park, Golden Circle, Suðurland, South Iceland, Iceland, Europe
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Spire of Cologne Cathedral from the inside, frog perspective, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
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The famous Iron Bridge over the River Severn at the Ironbridge Gorge. It was the first arch bridge in the world to be made out of cast iron and was completed in 1779.
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Dom Luiz bridge Porto at dusk
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A dramatic stretch of Hadrian's Wall running along the Walltown Craggs.
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Balcony and staircase in traditional coffee shop
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Wannenhoerner and Aletsch glacier with alpine rose, Valais
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Iguazu Falls, riverbanks on the Argentinian side, Iguazu River, Argentina, South America
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Winter sunrise over Corfe Castle.
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Detail of a ceiling at the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
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Louvre Museum
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Balloon flight over the valley of Goereme, Cappadocia, Turkey, Western Asia, Asia
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Plains Zebras Equus quagga at a waterhole in Ndutu in Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Tanzania
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Portals, three-aisled basilica, west facade, Cathedral of Notre-Dame Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Reims, Champagne, France, Europe, PublicGround, Europe
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Dutch Canal Houses in Amsterdam
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The ancient man made Neolithic chalk mound of Silbury Hill surrounded by fields of dandelions and rapeseed near Avebury in Wiltshire.
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Cesky Krumlov / Krumau, Czech Republic, Church of Saint Vitus
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The Royal Liver Building on the Pier Head in Liverpool. It is one of Liverpool's Three Graces.
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Narrow alleyway in the village of Ghardaia in the Unesco World Heritage Site M'zab, Algeria, Africa
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Ortigia waterfront
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Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York City, New York, United States of America
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Split skyline
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Chimneys on the roof of the Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Barcelona, Catalunya, Catalonia, or Cataluna, Spain, Europe
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wooden houses - colourful historic trade houses in UNESCO world heritage site of Bryggen
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Vatadage in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.
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Japan,Nara,Todaiji Temple,Statue of Buddha
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Europe, Spain, Castile and Leon, Salamanca, View of people near Plaza Mayor at night
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himeji castle during cherry blossom time
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square of miracles / piazza del duomo / piazza dei miracoli / square of miracles
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Camel and moon
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Statue of Liberty, New York, USA, North America
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Interlocking basalt columns of the Giants Causeway, named as the fourth natural wonder in the UK, County Antrim.
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Traditional and Historical Japanese village Ogimachi - Shirakawa-go, Japan
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Fountains Abbey in winter. The largest abbey ruins in England and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Aboriginal pictograph, Kakadu National Park, Arnhem Land, Australia
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Parque Jose Marti, colonnades, Cienfuegos, Unesco World Heritage Site, Cuba, North America
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Boats and islands at dusk on Vietnamese bay
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Canal Bridge in Amsterdam at Evening
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Thrift Armeria maritima growing on the cliffs above Lulworth Cove the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in Dorset.
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Rosengarten Group Mountains, Dolomites, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
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France - ?e-de-France - Fontainebleau. Palace of Fontainebleau (UNESCO World Heritage Site, 1981)
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Floating Vietnamese fishing village with rocky coastline
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Interior with the altar area, Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Pisa Cathedral, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, Europe
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A city taxi waiting in traffic on Bank Street in Edinburgh. The building at the end of the street is the Bank of Scotland.
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Group of cypress trees in Tuscan landscape
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Chimneys on the roof of the Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Barcelona, Catalunya, Catalonia, or Cataluna, Spain, Europe
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Roman Forum, Rome, Italy
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Shirakawago light-up
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Mangrove breathing roots, an adaptation to the low oxygen content in mangrove soil
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Sphinx Giza Pyramid Khafre Center
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square of miracles / piazza del duomo / piazza dei miracoli / square of miracles
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Porto Cityscape in Portugal at Twilight
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Roman Bridge of Cordoba - statue detail
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Pulpit Rock on Portland Bill. The rock was left when quarrymen cut away a natural arch in the 1870's.
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Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China, Beijing, China
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Machu Picchu Panorama
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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world and lies on a delta at the mouth of the Ganges River, and is spread across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India
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charles bridge
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Statue of Liberty, New York, USA, North America
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Pyramid of Khafre
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View of Florence
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Steeples, Regensburg Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regensburg, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, Europe
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Gaudi architecture, Parc Guell, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Barcelona, Catalunya, Catalonia, or Cataluna, Spain, Europe
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Severan Basilica, Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna, Libya, Africa
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A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world that lies on a delta at the mouth of the Ganges River; spreading across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal
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Stupas of Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, built by King Ashoka, Mauryan dynasty, Sanchi, near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, northern India, India, Asia
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Facade, town hall of Stralsund in the morning light, old market, historic centre, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, Europe, PublicGround, Europe
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China,Beijing,Palace Museum or Forbidden City
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River Thames, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe