#Healthy life A variety of leisure activities. May 01, 2016
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Caucasian couple jogging uphill
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Mixed race woman doing pull-ups on gate
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Mixed race woman jumping outdoors
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Spain, Catalunya, Girona, female hiker in the nature
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Brazil, Bahia, man jumping into the waves
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Mountain biker driving in the forest
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Young man jogging in the morning, horses in the background
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Young woman jogging in nature at a hazy day
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Couple using rollerskates and skateboard, holding hands, smiling
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Portrait of young woman practicing yoga pose on wooden pier
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Spain, Tarragona, Woman doing stretching before running
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Woman doing a handstand outdoors
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Young surfer woman on the beach
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Spain, Tenerife, boy skating on a road
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Kayaker, Rissbach, Hinterriss, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
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Mountaineers, climbers with helmet climbing the via ferrata, Zirl, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
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Caucasian woman playing on swing
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Black mother and daughter carrying surfboards on beach
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Black mother teaching daughter to surf on beach
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Two ice climbers climbing up ice cave below the Gigjokull glacier, Thorsmork, Iceland
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Portrait of two men in ice cave below the Gigjokull glacier, Thorsmork, Iceland
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Man playing pool
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Young female surfer waving to friends on beach, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, Spain
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Underwater selfie of young man swimming in sea
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Woman in bikini sprinting on beach
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Full length front view of mid adult man running on sand by sky scrapers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Young man, carrying surfboard, jumping from railings beside sea
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Young man jumping off wall
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Young woman standing on beach in bright sunlight, carrying surfboard on head, side view
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Climber ascending a via ferrata on Stevia Mountain in front of Langkofel and Wolkenstein Mountains in Val Gardena, Puez-Odle Nature Park, Dolomites, Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
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Climber ascending Rino Pisetta Climbing Route in Sarchetal Valley above Lake Toblino, Lake Garda region, Trentino, Italy, Europe
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Diver with torch looks at Turbinaria coral (Turbinaria mesenterina) with Fairy basselets (Pseudoanthias sp.), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Red Sea, Western Asia
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Mixed race amputee practicing yoga in grass
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Hiking father and teenage son reading folding map, Cody, Wyoming, USA
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Father photographing teenage son jumping mid air on hiking trip, Cody, Wyoming, USA
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Father and teenage son chasing each other on hiking trip, Cody, Wyoming, USA
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Male teenage hiker jumping mid air in landscape, Cody, Wyoming, USA
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Two female crossfitters doing push ups on medicine ball in gym
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Male and female crossfitters sitting in circle touching toes
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Mid adult female crossfitter pushing heavy tyre in gym
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Mid adult female crossfitter lifting barbell on shoulders in gym
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Mid adult male crossfitter using battling ropes in gym
RF 216383893
Female crossfitter training with battling rope in gym
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Young woman wearing sport clothing and baseball cap looking out from waterfront, Hong Kong
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Young male skateboarder jumping over urban concourse seat
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Young male urban skate boarder skateboarding mid air over wall
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Young male urban skateboarder doing skateboarding jump trick on sidewalk