#life of a farmer They enjoy growing quality food without hurting the environment. June 29, 2016
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Farmer harvesting cucumber in organic farm
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Pacific Islander woman harvesting crop in rice field
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Chest down of man in poly tunnel watering plants with watering can
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Hunter with rifle standing in wheat field
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Shepherd examining lamb on pasture
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Brown cow on pasture, Weitnau, Upper Allgaeu, Bavaria, Germany
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Three generations of Caucasian women walking miniature horse on farm
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Mountain grassland with grazing cows
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Caucasian boy feeding horse on farm
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Mature hippy couple riding tricycle and trailer on rural road
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Germany, Bavaria, Volkach, smiling winegrower holding harvest basket
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Dehesa - a wooded meadow which is communal property aimed at keeping livestock and also used for hunting, firewood, etc
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Picnic blanket in shade of hay bale in field
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Farmer on organic farm harvesting potatoes
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Goat in pen being inquisitive
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Two boys with donkey in field, portrait
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Hay stooks in the late afternoon sun.
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Germany, Hesse, Lampertheim, farmer harvesting chives, Allium schoenoprasum
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Shepherd feeding lamb with milk bottle
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Shepherd with flock of sheep
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Young man examining crop plant
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Close up of tomatoes growing on vines
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Germany, Keitum, Frisian house and geese
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Farmer holding hoe at rape field
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Father and daughter harvesting tomatoes in greenhouse
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Woman and man harvesting potatoes by hand
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Smiling farmer inspecting potatoes on conveyor belt in rural field
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Farmer holding bunch of elephant grass
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Close up of shovel and harvested carrots in garden
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chardonnay harvesting with wine grapes harvest in Mediterranean
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Harvest time at Abereiddy on the Pembrokeshire coast.
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Farmer ploughing field with tractor
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Scientist examining plants at plant growth research facility
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Close up of seedling growing in dirt
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Boy picking strawberries in field
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Group of young boys toasting marshmallows over bucket barbecue
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PIGS. Piglets looking over door
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Apples in a Basket
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Friends pushing broken down truck
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Farmer planting seedlings in organic farm
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Organic Farm. A young woman picking blackberries from a bramble hedge.
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Red chard and beetroot plants
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Child enjoying in yellow autumn field against blue sky
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Pacific Islander boy trying to lift large pumpkin in pumpkin patch
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Close up of hands holding fresh produce in garden
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Father and toddler son digging allotment garden
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Smiling couple gardening in vegetable patch